How many migrants settle in Switzerland?

Overall, more foreign nationals have entered Switzerland than have left the country: Switzerland has therefore experienced positive net migration of foreigners for the last 27 years. But while net migration has been very high since 2007, this has not always been the case: for example, it was extremely low during the mid-1990s, when immigration decreased sharply because of the economic situation.

In 2019, net migration comprises two categories of immigrants: almost two thirds (65%) are nationals of EU/EFTA countries, and the remainder are nationals of third countries. Among EU/EFTA countries, Italy, German, and France have been the leading contributors to net migration, and Kosovo, Syria, North Macedonia, Turkey, India and China have been the main third-country contributors. However, there are specific features associated with each individual country, as illustrated in the graphs.

Migration flows of European and African citizens are predominantly male, while those migrating to and from other continents are female for the most part. Young people dominate all migrant flows.

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Emigration (outward): Foreign nationals who have left Switzerland

Immigration (inward): Foreign nationals who have entered Switzerland

Net migration: Difference between immigration and emigration of the foreign population


Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office STATWEB (1991-2019)

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