We are local.
We act global.

Company overview

Jober24’s vision is to provide flexible and economical staffing solutions for European industry. The company acts as a facilitator for skilled professionals with local European demands. Jober24 undertakes to always follow high social standards and to take responsibility for its employees’ well-being. The company’s social responsibility is also demonstrated through local projects in the countries of origin of its employees, such as the United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Nepal.

Jober24 intends to significantly expand its business within the EU, beginning with Switzerland and Germany in 2021. It will acquire market shares in the growing segment of staff-lease in other Ell-countries, such as France, Denmark, Norway, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Jober24 has established a track record in Poland within various industry verticals:

Food & Beverages
Home Care
Renewable Energies

The company’s strength is its global network of staff sourcing contacts, which stretches from eastern Europe to the Far East. Jober24 is able to recruit several hundred staff within a few weeks and offers its clients extremely flexible staffing solutions. Engagement periods can be brief and tailored to meet immediate demand. Global access to qualified workers enables a highly competitive offering to European industry. 

All recruiting, contracting, transportation, insurance, housing, and employment processes are based on a digital platform that enables immediate upscaling. Jober24’s business model is the driving force, and it has the potential to expand rapidly both in terms of recruiting and contractual sides.

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are becoming increasingly desirable. Therefore, Jober24 has developed an extremely effective and secure system for matching global talent and competence to industry demand. 

The headquarters of Jober24 are located in Baar, Switzerland. As of July 2021, the company has subsidiaries in Poland and Germany.

Jober24’s growth is driven by industry demand, and Jober24 will tailor-make solutions for each industry in each country.

What distinguishes us

from other recruitment companies on the market:

For employers, acquiring competent employees is a promise of business development. In turn, for candidates, getting a dream job is a guarantee of professional development.
Each cooperation is an interesting adventure for us, in which we set off without patterns and pre-established assumptions.
If you want to accelerate the development of your company or you want to efficiently obtain your dream job, be sure to contact us. We act quickly without compromising the quality of our services.
We respect employees because we know their value and we know that they are the greatest asset of each company. That is why we have specialized in the search for top-class specialists not only in Polish, but also in Eastern European labor markets.

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